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Chicken Whole (1.4kg to 1.6kg)
$7.06 $8.46

Whole Frozen Chicken, un-brined (1.4kg to 1.6kg)

Chicken Whole (1.2kg to 1.4kg)
$6.05 $7.26

Whole Frozen Chicken, un-brined (1.2kg to 1.4kg)

Chicken Breast (approx 1kg)
$5.15 $6.17

Lean, skinless chicken breast (un-brined). Approximately 1kg.

Chicken Drumsticks (Approx 1kg)
$4.69 $5.62

Chicken drumsticks meat with bone. (Approximately1kg punnet)

Chicken Legs (Approx 1kg)
$4.69 $5.62

Chicken legs (Thigh & Drumstick) Approx 1kgs punnet

Chicken Thighs (Approx 1kg)
$4.95 $5.93

Approximately 1kg punnet

Chicken Deboned Thighs (approx 1kg)
$6.20 $7.44

Deboned Chicken Thighs. Approximately1kg punnet

Chicken Wings (Approx 1kg)
$4.69 $5.62

Chicken Wings (Approx 1kg punnet)

Chicken Livers (300g)
$1.06 $1.27

Chicken Liver (300g punnet)

Chicken Smoked Breast (approx 300g)
$1.96 $2.35
Chicken Burger (4x100g patties)
$2.46 $2.95
Chicken Kebab Peri-Peri (Approx 800g)
$6.01 $7.20

Deboned chicken thigh kebab