Meat Pack (Large)

Discounted Pork, Beef and Chicken meat pack
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1 x 500g Pork Marinaded Belly strips,                          1 x 2kg Pork Loin chops

1 x (2kg - 2.2kg) Rolled Loin Roast,                           1 x (1kg-1.2kg) Belly Ribs

1 x 500g Bacon wrapped pork fillet

1 x 1kg T Bone Steak, (2 x aged, super steaks)         1 x (1kg-1.2kg) Beef fillet

2 x 500g Beef mince

1 x (1.4kg to 1.6kg) Whole chicken,                          1 x 1kg Chicken Breast

2 x 250g Bacon Steak,                                            1 x 500g Rindless Streaky

1 x 500g Cumberland Sausage,                                1 x 500g Country Boerewors

1 x 200g Picnic Ham,                                               1 x 200g Sandwich ham

1 x 200g French polony

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